Veterinarian List


How to Choose a Rabbit-Experienced Vet

The time to find a veterinarian is now, not when your rabbit is sick and you are forced to take what you can get. A good place to start in finding your rabbit’s veterinarian is to ask for recommendations from pet shop personnel, other rabbit owners and rabbit special interest groups (such as the…

San Diego & Riverside Area Vets

The following is a list of veterinarian hospitals in the San Diego and southwest Riverside counties that we know to treat rabbits on a regular basis. We have listed names of vets with whom we are familiar, however there may be additional vets at that location who do see rabbits. Please ensure that…

Emergency & After Hours Vet Clinics

It is recommended that you call ahead, if possible, to determine if a rabbit-savvy vet is on shift.  Each of these locations has a rabbit specialist on site or on call, with whom they can consult on rabbit cases.   ACACIA ANIMAL HEALTH CENTER(760) 745-8115  655 W. Citracado Parkway…

Organizations that Help with Emergency Medical Care

EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE Please contact these organizations directly.   Also, check with your vet to see if they have a charitable account and might be able to donate some of their services in an emergency. PAWS Pets are Wonderful Support local San..