Free Run House Rabbits

Ever wonder what it’s really like to have a “free run” house rabbit? I think this question can be better answered by watching these two videos from You Tube. We hope you’ll come away with a smile on your face and an understanding of why keeping your rabbit in a hutch in the backyard is … Continue reading Free Run House Rabbits

Bunny Proofing Your Home / Yard

Rabbits like to chew and dig! It’s natural behavior and once they get started, it’s hard to stop without providing them alternate safe and fun activities. Bored rabbits become naughty rabbits. If you’re not around to talk to them as you prepare dinner, watch TV, or just read, your rabbit will become bored and resort … Continue reading Bunny Proofing Your Home / Yard

Creative Cage Ideas

Smaller rabbits can do well in a cage as long as they are given at least three hours outside their cage, every day.  They need room to run and play and interact with you.  No matter how large a cage may be, time outside of the cage (or pen) is very important.   This double-decker … Continue reading Creative Cage Ideas