Preparing for a Rabbit Companion

One of the most important aspects of adopting a rabbit is to do your “homework” ahead of time and learn about rabbit care before bringing home a new rabbit companion.  You will likely have expectations about how rabbits behave, that they might be cuddly and easy pets for children, but until you do your research on rabbit behavior and care, you won’t have a good idea of what to expect.

The best way to prepare is to go online to learn as much as you can.  Great resources for rabbit care include this site, our parent site San Diego House Rabbit Society, and the international House Rabbit Society.

Consider This Before You Adopt

1.  Which adults in the family will be the primary caretakers? 2.  Are you prepared to commit to this rabbit for his/her entire life (10+ years)? 3.  Does everyone in your family want a rabbit? 4.  Rabbits are considered exotic animals and their veterinary care is expensive; bills can easily reach many hundreds of dollars. … Continue reading Consider This Before You Adopt

Are You Right for a Rabbit?

Rabbits make wonderful companions for the right people Are you patient? Have a sense of humor? Do you enjoy watching the movements and learning the language of another species? Does your schedule include plenty of time at home? Are you comfortable spending a lot of time on the floor? Are you not overly fussy with … Continue reading Are You Right for a Rabbit?

What Are Rabbits Really Like?

Are rabbits soft and fuzzy? Most definitely. Are rabbits as cuddly as they look? Not necessarily. Is a rabbit more like a cat or a dog? Neither. A rabbit is like a rabbit.  Are you expecting your rabbit to come running when called? They seldom do. However, having a carrot in hand may help. I … Continue reading What Are Rabbits Really Like?