Consider This Before You Adopt

1.  Which adults in the family will be the primary caretakers?

2.  Are you prepared to commit to this rabbit for his/her entire life (10+ years)?

3.  Does everyone in your family want a rabbit?

4.  Rabbits are considered exotic animals and their veterinary care is expensive; bills can easily reach many hundreds of dollars. Are you prepared to provide this level of care, should it be necessary for your rabbit companion?

5.  Is anyone in your home allergic to rabbits or hay?

6.  Do you have HRS-recommended housing and supplies?

7.  Is your home and yard “bunny-proofed”?

8.  Do you have animals that could endanger your rabbit? (Rabbits can die even when only frightened by a predator.)

9.  Have you had a rabbit before? If so, where is it now?

10.  Will you be able to supervise any children around this rabbit?

11.  Are you allowed to have rabbits in your home/apartment?

12.  If you move, get married, have a baby, or if the kids lose interest, are you prepared to keep your rabbit for his/her entire life?

Please make a list of questions you have regarding the care and handling of rabbits. Make sure all your questions are answered by knowledgeable rabbit care volunteers (shelter or rabbit rescue) prior to adopting your rabbit.