Litter Box Training

Tips for Litter Box Training Your Rabbit

Wondering how to litter box train your new bunny companion? Are your rabbits’ previously pristine litter box habits changing for the worse? Has your rabbit decided your entire house is now his litter box? First, determine if the reason could be medical, perhaps a bladder infection. A trip to your rabbit’s veterinarian may be in […]

Litter Box Setup for Success

Not sure how to set-up a bunny-friendly litter box? Learn the basics, below, and help your bunny on his way to successful litter box training. Plastic Cat Pan Basic plastic cat litter pans work best for bunny’s litter box. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and giant, and can be found at stores such […]

Litter Box Designs for Special Needs

If you have a special-needs rabbit; one who has a disability or is older and cannot easily access a typcial litter box, these special low-entry or custom made boxes can be just the thing to help your bunny retain her litter box skills.   A Simple Cut-Down Litter Box The easiest solution can often be […]

Safe Litter Box Materials

Training a rabbit to use a litter box is quite easy and often rescues Thumper from being relegated to the backyard. Training your rabbit to use a litter box also makes your clean-up job easier. However, choosing the best litter box set-up may take a little homework. As rabbits become more popular as house pets, […]