Does My Rabbit Need Baths?

No. Rabbits are self-cleaning like cats and do not need baths. In fact, they generally find them very stressful. If absolutely necessary (a poopy butt for example) it is better to just do a “spot cleaning” of the area that is dirty rather than subjecting a rabbit to the stress of bathing. Rabbits are very sensitive to fluctuations in body temperature, so be cautious. It is best to avoid bathing altogether.

How often does my rabbit need a nail trim? Give your rabbit a toe nail clipping every 8-10 weeks with a cat clipper . (Rex rabbits have less fur padding on their feet and may need more frequent trims). The smallest cat or dog nail clippers work best.  Also, have product like “Kwik Stop” styptic pads or powder nearby if you happen to cut the “quick.” It can stop the bleeding fast.  If the nail is dark, use a flashlight to see the quick and clip carefully.   Rabbits adopted through Lucky Bunny get complimentary nail trims. Ask us for details. Caution: nails that are allowed to get too long can snag and be completely ripped out of the foot, or cause broken toes. We see this quite frequently. It’s painful and totally avoidable!
What kind of comb/brush works best?   There are a few products that work well for rabbits.  The Lixit Small Animal Grooming Brush and the Fur Be Gone Brush are two favorites.  While rabbits, like cats, are “self-cleaning”, they absolutely need regular brushing to remove loose hair.  Rabbits can NOT throw up hairballs and rely on your help to prevent them.  While shedding happens at all times, periods of molting are far more severe and this is when it’s imperative that you brush your bunny daily.   Matting can occur with longer-haired rabbits and should never be cut with scissors.

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